Thank you for checking in! My campaign team and I decided I would do a blog to share a bit of who I am with voters. I plan to use this space for my priorities for the district and to reflect on some accomplishments our current board has made. 

Having been on the school board since 2009 I have learned a lot about how groups function. It’s important to note that while each individual school director has areas they feel the most passion for, it is really the work of the collective group that moves the district forward. As a member of the group you learn to work through differences and challenges so that we arrive at the best decision for the district.  We learn from each other and are able to come to consensus. Our collective wisdom grows with each session.  Multiple studies of school boards have found that when board members work together collaboratively, not necessarily always agreeing, but working together, students have higher outcomes.  Keeping students first, ahead of personal politics or agendas, has always been a priority for me.  

As for what I am most proud of I would have to say that I am proud of many things we have accomplished. Certainly, building new schools on time and on budget has to be one of them. I am proud of work reducing barriers and increasing access, particularly around the arts, CTE classes, the highly capable program, rigorous coursework, and after school activities.  There are so many improvements that have happened since I started on the board, things that I have passionately advocated for and worked with many to make happen.  

For now, I will close with this quote from Ted Lasso, quoting Walt Whitman “Be curious, not judgmental.”

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Next time, I will share what I am looking forward to for next year.  Until then,

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