I recently heard this term, future-proof. It means “unlikely to become obsolete.” It struck a chord in me as it resonates with so much we are trying to do in education right now. What skills do our students need to participate in their future world? It means looking beyond knowing how to code in a current computer language or being able to operate a laptop. So many jobs today are being automated at an unanticipated rate, even ones like bookkeeping and some types of surgery. How do we educate for a future we can’t imagine? Our education system was designed for the industrial age, preparing students for the manufacturing world. So much of that work is and will be soon done by robots. However, we do know there are skills our students will need. They absolutely will need to be creative and innovative with a growth mindset. Students must have access to the arts and new ways of thinking. They need to be exposed to other cultures. Our students will need to develop empathy and the ability to relate to others. Society will always need people with compassion and listening skills. We have learned over the last year how necessary human contact is. To me, this is what this election is all about. Are we looking forward, asking what we need to do next or are we looking backward, refusing to let go of a challenging past? I am ready to learn from the past and move forward into our new normal.

Speaking of what is next, if you haven’t brought your campaign sign back out, please do so. You will see a picture of one dressed for the upcoming holiday. Feel free to deck yours out and I will post it on my website. (Click here to send me the photo.) Also, there are sign waving events in the next couple of weeks. I would love to see you there and get a chance to catch up with you. If you are interested, email me and I will give you details. Thank you so much for all of your support! While I am still not a politician, I have loved reconnecting with so many of you and connecting anew with many more. We have an amazing community, and I am looking forward to serving you for the next four years.

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